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Premier In-office Tutoring

  • Promotes a team approach – tutor, test prep consultant, student and parent work together to create testing goals and game plan.
  • Provides weekly updates from tutors
  • Ensures daily practice with the WilsonDailyPrep
  • Matches tutor and student based on learning style
  • Builds strong reading, writing, grammar, math and cognitive thinking skills.  Students use these skills in college and beyond!


Online Daily SAT/ACT Questions

  • Quick and convenient – spend approximately 5 minutes a day.  Complete preps on tablet, smartphone, or any device.
  • Your own personal coach
  • Student accountability – we call home if you are not completing your work daily!
  • Performance tracking
  • Videos, worksheets, vocabulary game, and more…
  • Guaranteed 200 point increase
  • ½ the cost of other online programs – $59 for one month, $139 for three months, $229 for six months, $299 for 9 months

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Is the New SAT an Improvement?

In a recent Op-Ed piece in The New York Times, Richard C. Atkinson and Saul Geiser, discuss their opinions on the new SAT and college entrance exams in general. The new SAT will focus more on material taught in the classroom, and less on “puzzle” questions that need “tricks” to answer. The vocabulary questions will… Read more »

The New SAT

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Devin, thank you so much for everything you did for Paul. He just found out that he got into St. Lawrence early decision and even earned a Presidential Achievement Award of $7500 a year for 4 years. He could not have done this without you.
- Mary Jo